Kelly & Kevin April 18, 2015

On Christmas Eve 2013, after their guests had left, Kevin asked Kelly to call Jetty, their puppy, into the living room where Kelly was relaxing and around his neck was a big red bow and a gold ornament ball! Kelly finally noticed that the ornament opened; upon opening she found a sloppy handwritten note that read, "Mommy, Please look in the tree. Love, Jetty". Kelly searched for what seemed like forever to find a small white box. As Kelly turned around while opening the box, she was completely surprised to find a diamond ring with Kevin already on one knee. As you can see said YES! 

After weeks of a cold and rainy forecast for their wedding day, they were prepared for the worst.  Luckily enough they had a beautiful day filled with sunshine, light breeze and the cherry blossoms in bloom. Kelly was so relaxed all morning and enjoyed every moment throughout her wedding day. The ceremony was perfect and as soon as Kelly saw Kevin, she could tell he was nervous. She was so excited to see him finally because they exchanged 'I love you" texts early that morning but didn't talk or see each other until that moment.