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Photographing creative & dreamy weddings from central New Jersey to wherever your love story takes you.


I strive to make sure your wedding day is crazy fun and
stress-free. I want you to feel like more than just a client! 

I’ll be the one to fix your hair if its out place, help you put on your heels and wipe the sand off your feet, help your dad put on his boutonniere, and don’t worry I’ll also be taking photos as well! 

I live on the Jersey Shore, serving the tri-state area and am available for travel wherever your love story might take me! 

I'm ashley - your wedding day bff. 

New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Living on the shore with my hubby, daughters Elin & Hazel & golden Layla

I usually start my day with waking up my happy babies, if I can a workout, making an açaí bowl and a cup of coffee (or two!). When I’m not playing with my daughters Elin and Hazel or walking my adorable golden retriever, Layla, you can find me soaking up the sun on the beach, grabbing a glass of wine with my girlfriends and plotting my next travel adventure. 

Summer is my favorite time of year and I live for the days of sunshine outside. You can usually find me in my go-to outfit of a white top, black jeans and a jean jacket or a comfy summer dress. I’ve seen Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons in concert 5 times and you better believe I know all the words to the 50’s doo wop hits. 

My husband and I were married in July 2018. Lou proposed on our trip to Arizona overlooking the Grand Canyon at sunrise. We were married 8 months later on a farm, outdoors under a big white tent on a warm summer day surrounded by our closest friends and family. Our adorable pup Layla was the flower girl and we danced to “Hold my Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish for our first dance.

We love to travel and explore new places and saved Italy for our honeymoon- it was worth the wait! Our daughter Elin James was born in January 2020 and Hazel June in December 2021.  We love them to pieces!! Fun Fact- Elin's name is a combo of our middle names- Elin (Scandinavian version of my middle name Ellen) and James (Lou's middle name). 

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Acai bowl *I make my own- obsessed!


Stark white

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Cross Fit




It’s a tie between Copenhagen & Positano

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Leaf green




Any & all Harry Potter movies


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behind the scenes

I'm not just a photographer. I’ll be the one to fix your hair if its out place, help you put on your heels and wipe the sand off your feet, help your dad put on his boutonniere, and don’t worry I’ll also be taking photos as well!

I took beginner photo classes in high school, like many people, and have always enjoyed it as a hobby. When I went to college I originally wanted to work in broadcasting — either as a sports reporter, producer, or anything that had to do with TV or movies! So, my major was broadcasting but I always had photography in the back of my mind and kept that as a minor in my studies.

My dad bought my first film camera, which is how I originally learned photography. We would develop our own film and print out own work in the darkroom, cut our mat boards, everything was done by hand. Then I started learning digital photography and that was a change, but a good one. I transferred to Penn State University to finish my studies and received my Bachelors Degree in Integrative Arts, Major in Photography. 

My story...

From high school photography class to NYC and back...

I moved back to NJ and started working at a portrait studio just down the road from my high school that I ironically walked past every day going to school. Then, I started shooting weddings on the weekends for a wedding photography company. Being in the field is where I definitely learned most of what I know and found that is where I truly felt comfortable being. 

I kept shooting weddings on weekends but I wanted to learn more about the business and production aspects of the photography business. I started a job as a production manager and studio photographer for a company in NYC. I photographed events, weddings, portraits sessions, celebrities, premieres. I loved it! I learned so much but something kept drawing me back to weddings. 

After trying to do both, which was A LOT, I realized it was time to say goodbye to the city life and move back to my hometown in NJ and go out on my own. I love owning my own business and being able to cater to my clients as I would want to be treated. It’s amazing that I can photograph engagements, weddings and maternity sessions for couples who get me and who I can grow a relationship with. After 5 years of creating Ashley Mac Photographs, I don’t regret a thing and look forward to seeing my business grow with more amazing couples and families!

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